The Peninsula Room


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The Peninsula Room offers award winning artisan beers, Civilized spirits and Bonafide wines. For large parties, wines and sparkling wines will have to be selected in advance and orders will be placed according to the size of the group. As a micro-brewery, we will provide all wine, beer and liquor for parties and events, with no exceptions.

The Peninsula Room offers three options for our beverage service:

1. Host Sponsored Bar can be priced “per guest” (at a flat rate per guest)

2. Host sponsored bar can be based Per Consumption (the number of non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverages are tallied per bottle of beer, cocktail and bottles of wine served) 

3. A Cash Bar can be set up for your guests to pay their own consumption (cash bar will incur a $250 set-up fee to be paid by host)

Beer & Wine

$35 per guest
5 hours
Bonafide Wines
North Peak Beer 

Premium Bar

$40 per guest
5 hours
Civilized Spirits
Bonafide Wines
North Peak Beer 

Beverage Service Notes:

  • NO shots are served in the Peninsula Room.

  • Open bar charges are for five hours. Additional hours can be purchased for $7 per hour per guest regardless of the type or bar sponsored.

  • Our staff is trained to monitor alcohol consumption and signs of impairment. They will act accordingly with you and your guests.

  • Cash bar pricing; $4 North Peak beers, $7 Civilized cocktails $8 Bonafide wines, $3 non-alcoholic beverages (soda's, juices & coffee) 

Prices are subject to change, due to seasonality, market price and availability
Prices do not include a 20% gratuity & 6% sales tax



Celebrating a decade of events and planning hundreds of wedding receptions, we can meet your every need. We have the expertise, resources and facility to make your time with us unforgettable. If you are interested in hosting your event at The Peninsula Room, please contact our Event Director, Barbara Olson.