The Peninsula Room


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Brittany and Mike

We just wanted to thank you for all of your help with our wedding.  You and the whole staff at Bowers Harbor were absolutely incredible.  We have received RAVE reviews about Bowers--especially the food, everything was SO delicious. You guys were fantastic--thank you so much for putting up with us and helping us to have a fantastic wedding :)


The Peninsula Room is the ideal venue for any couple whose priorities are food and atmosphere. We loved the warmth of the dining space and the layout makes it very easy to accommodate a decent number of guests. We had 11 tables, 8-10 people per table and there was plenty of space to move around. Our food selection was very important to us so when we saw that they prepare all the food on site and offer plated options we were sold. Every meal was delicious, all of our guests agreed. From cocktail hour to late night pizza, the Peninsula Room did an amazing job. It felt so relaxed but very classy as well which was exactly what we wanted. The staff was friendly, and we always had answers to our questions very quickly, it was the easiest wedding planning I had ever heard of. Many of our guests said that this venue and the experience as a whole made it the best wedding they had ever attended. I would recommend this venue to all couples, whether it's a small elopement or a grand ceremony. The site is breathtaking, the food is excellent, and the experience you and your guests will have here will last a lifetime.

Tracy and Erik

“I just wanted to send you a big huge THANK YOU to you and your team at Mission Table for providing us with such an incredible evening for our wedding on July 10.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and our family and friends can’t stop talking about how lovely the venue was, and how incredible the food was.  My mom continues to tell me that was the best food she’s ever had.

Thank you for all of your help and support in the months preceding our wedding, and for everything you did on the day of, including ensuring Erik and I had a chance to eat and drink throughout all of the festivities – very important and easy to overlook! We’ll always keep a special place in our hearts for Mission Table and we hope to get back there for many years to come.  Thank you again for making our wedding a relaxed, enjoyable, beautiful and memorial experience we’ll never forget!”           

Molly Mysliwiec

I recently attended a wedding reception at the majestic Peninsula Room and was so impressed with my experience that evening that I felt compelled to write to your establishment.

 Being a long time seasonal resident of the Grand Traverse area, my appreciation and affection for the region exponentially grows with each year. It's an unprecedented area that truly is one of a kind. Bowers Harbor Inn, in my opinion, has captured this essence as a venue. It has combined top-notch cuisine, professional service of staff, and an unmatched historical property, that in totality equate to understated perfection.

 Having had experience in the hospitality industry and working for a five diamond restaurant in Grand Rapids, the 1913 Room, I have grown accustomed to notice the 'details'. While I had no intentions of critiquing the affair — I'm not that anal retentive, I promise — I could not help but observe the charm of the room and the graceful, attentive service of your staff. For example, the wooden table candle centerpieces were exquisite, which come to find out later by asking one of your staff, that it's recycled wood from the vineyard's wine barrel! Amazing.

 Many guests, including myself, reflected on the quality and uniqueness of cuisine. For food being buffet-style, the selections were simply delicious. The laid back atmosphere that the buffet table provided, paired with the quality of food itself, allowed guests the freedom to eat when they desired. This duality of relaxed, edible food is no easy quest. Bravo!

 My hats off to you and your wonderful staff for a memorable experience.